The device for impulse centimeter-wave-therapy "CMWi-200-Med TeCo" is intended for medical exposure to electromagnetic field of ultra-high frequency.

The device for CMW-therapy impulse "CMWi-200 - Med TeCo"

Аппарат СМВ-терапии импульсный «СМВи-200 - Мед ТеКо»


Main advantages:
• The device is designed on modern elemental base.
• Microprocessor system of programming, control and monitoring of operating modes
• The device has 2 operating modes: constant and impulse
• The design of the holder allows you to fix the emitters in different positions with a high degree of freedom
• Availability of high resolution information display
• Simplicity of operation and maintenance
• Modern design








Operating frequency, GHz


The mode of operation of the device



The output power of the device in continuous mode, W

15; 30; 45; 60; 90; 120; 150; 200

The average output power of the device in an impulsed mode during the action of an impulse with a power of 200W, W


Standing wave ratio of emitters

No more than 2,5

Time of establishment of an operating mode, with

No more than 30

Timer setting range, min



LCD display

Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption, VA

No more than 450

Overall dimensions of the device, mm

No more than 421 x 285 x 170

Mass of the device with emitters, kg

No more than 15