The apparatus INCO-Med Teko  is designed for administering high dosages of aerosol drugs in their pure form, such as bronchodilators, antibiotics, antiseptics, steroids, mucolytics, therapeutic teas and mineral waters. 

INCO - Med TeCoо»


It is used for aerosol therapy with treatment of different respiratory diseases including bronchial asthma, as well as nasopharynx and larynx diseases.



-              availability of the timer,

-              availability of the drug consumption meter.

RECOMMENDED for usage both in health establishments and in sanatorium-and-spa resorts, as well as domiciliary.



Volume of liquid boiling flask not less than, ml                     7

Operating mode and size of sprayed particles, µm:

mode 1(fine aerosol)                                                    0.8-2.0

mode II  (moderately dispersed aerosol)                     2.0-10.0

Liquid spaying rate, ml/min:

mode I  (fine aerosol)                                                   0.25

mode II (moderately dispersed aerosol)                       0.5

Operating pressure: bar                                          2.1-2.5

Timer setting range, bar                                            0-28

Supply voltage of the apparatus, V                            220

Supply frequency of the apparatus, Hz                       50

Corrected sound power level, not more than, dBA    65

Power consumption, Wt                                             330

Weight, not more than, kg                                           3

Size, not more than, mm                            285*230*110

Life cycle, years                                                          5